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TM-W Water Heaters 27 to 200 L/minWater-Heaters
Water Heater:
The TM-W series of water heaters are used to heat the mould and
maintain set temperature. High temperature water from the mould is
cooled by direct cooling and then flows through the pipe heaters via
internal high-pressure pump for heating to a constant temperature.
With our optimised design, water can reach a maximum of 120˚C and
the accurate PID multi-stage temperature control system can maintain
an accuracy of ±1˚C.
• PID multi-stage temperature control system maintains mould temperature with accuracy ±1˚C.
• Multiple safety devices can automatically detect abnormal performance and indicate via visible alarm.
• Accurate temperature control achieved by direct cooling and quick heat transfer by automatic water supply facility.
• Inner parts made from stainless steel to ensure corrosionfree operation.
• Attractive appearance, easy to access and maintain. System flow for TM-W:
High temperature water returns to the machine and is then pressurised by pump, flowing to the
heaters. After heating, water is forced to the mould and continues the cycle. During the process, if the temperature is too high, the system will activate the solenoid valve to allow cooling
water to cool down the temperature directly until the water is at the set requirement. If the
temperature keeps increasing and reaches set point of EGO, the system will alarm and stop operation. The system incorporates a low pressure alarm and will stop operation if cooling water
pressure doesn’t reach set point.
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