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The TPV series of proportional valves mix regrind and virgin material in the required proportion and then return to the processing machine to achieve proportional mixing and loading.
These units feature direct mounting on loagers or inline installation.

Both units availible direct from stock.


  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Unique internal design of valve body provides smooth flow material convaying.
  • Stable solenoid valve performance provides positive air cylinder actuation: ensures accurate proportional mixing of virgin and regrind materials.
  • Instant reycycling of regrind materials to reduce production costs.

Available Control Box Features:

  • Intelligent and accurate microprocessor control.
  • Set ratio of virgin and regrind.

 If you would like more information or to purchase a proportianal valves please contact us on 01706 655402 or 07747612578.

Modle Compressed Air Driven Means Max Flow Rate Pipe Size Dimentions H x W x D (mm) Net Weight (Kg)
TPV 38 3Kgf/Cm2 Air Cylinder 350 Kg/Hr 38 mm 226 x 150 x 164 3.5
TPV 50 3Kgf/Cm2 Air cylinder 550 Kg.Hr 38 mm 226 x 150 x 164 5









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