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Self-Contained Hopper Loaders

The TAL300 series uses a high speed motor in a lightweight and compact unit, with superior suction power and easy installation. It is particularly suitable for conveying new materials.Hopper Loader

The TAL400 series use a high voltage induction motor with low noise level and a longer life. It also has an automatic reversal dust cleaning device.



  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Stainless steel hopper.
  • Motor protection device.
  • Optional material shortage alarm.
  • TAL300E uses photo sensor and Is suitable for installation on the machine.
  • Remote wire control capable (option)

If you would like more information or to purchase a hopper loader please contact us on 01706 655402 or 07712578


Model TAL340C TAL300E TAL400C
Motor Power (W) 1150 1150 750
Conveying Capacity (Kg/hr) 180 180 250
Hopper Capacity (Ltr) 12 6 6
Conveying Pipe Dia (mm) 38Ø 38Ø 38Ø
Input Voltage Single Phase 240V 50Hz
Level Control Micro Switch Photo Seneor Micro Switch
Hight (mm) 630 730 780
Width (mm) 300 300 450
Depth (mm) 360 360 450
Weight (Kg)  13 17 26











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